The Brew My Brew competition is such a great way to integrate the home brew community with the local craft beer scene.
- Darren Shelton -
2013 Brew My Brew Challenge Winner

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Posted 9/24/2015


This event is just for home brewers as an event of the Fest of Ales.

Winners for each division will be announced and listed on FestofAles.com following the event.

The team from Bottle Logic Brewing will work with the highest scoring Best of Show winner and recreate their masterpiece. Best of Show winner will also be eligible for the American Homebrewers Association Pro-Am competition. This beer will then be served at various events in Downtown Anaheim while supplies last.

Combining a home brew competition with a craft beer festival is a great way to merge those two passionate communities into one amazing event!
- Jon Silvertooth -
2012 Brew My Brew Challenge Winner